Monday, July 30, 2012

Bathroom Passes & Job Chart

Last year I didn't use bathroom passes and it is something that I regret because I was constantly interrupted during whole group and small group instruction to have students ask to go to the bathroom. more!  I've seen this idea and am going to be making bathroom passes on hand sanitizer bottles.  There will be one boy and one girl bathroom pass (I may make an "emergency" pass for students to use if it is an emergency and the bathroom pass is already in use).  Students will simply put these on their desks so I know who is out of the room and when they get back, they make sure that they have clean hands if they forget to wash their hands because they can just use the sanitizer!

I also want to create a more VISUAL job char this year (last year I had one that was written with no pictures and I also want to create one to go with my new classroom theme of HOLLYWOOD).  So I've started to make my "PICTURE PERFECT HELPERS" job chart:
I'm going to print out some pictures of cameras to put around this file I made and then print out and laminate cameras with the job titles below it and then put the students faces in the camera lenses.  At the beginning of the school year I will post a picture of my finished job chart so you have a better idea!
Jobs for my classroom: Messengers, Line Leader, Flag Salute, Calendar, Weather, Clean up Crew, Center Police, Quiet Captain, Pencil Sharpener, Teacher's Helper.  What other jobs do you use in your classrooms?

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